During Exam and on Revision days Departure time will be 11:30 a.m***      House examination of IX to XII schedule to be held 24-07-2017 are post poned on 01-08-2017. All concerned to note.***      Dear parent kindly Note that tomorrow (8-July-17) being the second Saturday will be an off day for student.***      Youth Empowerment and skill work shop HEALD ON 5TH JUNE2017***     

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

“At AVPS , we build the children of tomorrow and help them become productive citizens. Each Avpian is brought up to be a critical thinker and an independent learner.”

Our Mission

A V PUBLIC SCHOOL (AVPS) is engaged in the art of shaping young minds in their journey of discovery. Our task in this process is not to impart knowledge but to inspire intellect to nurture leadership today….to define our tomorrow. AVPS is committed to the development of a learning system that uses technology stressing interaction between the learners and the teachers, emphasizing student-centred learning as opposed to one that flows top-down, irrespective of whether the students benefit from it or not. Our approach is distinctly holistic and integrates world class education that focuses on academic excellence, spiritual and physical fitness and social as well as environmental consciousness. Apart from developing their academic, spiritual, physical and social faculties, they are guided to grow up in a culturally diverse environment that considerably broadens their horizons at an early age. In short, AVPS is a school different form other making a tangible difference in the lives of young learners.