During Exam and on Revision days Departure time will be 11:30 a.m***      House examination of IX to XII schedule to be held 24-07-2017 are post poned on 01-08-2017. All concerned to note.***      Dear parent kindly Note that tomorrow (8-July-17) being the second Saturday will be an off day for student.***      Youth Empowerment and skill work shop HEALD ON 5TH JUNE2017***     

Clubs( International Platforms )

Inspiring Kids Through Experiences ….

The central emphasis in both academics and extra curricular activities is on the "All Round" development of character by the cultivation of academic skills and the qualities of initiative and responsibility, self discipline, team-spirit, sportsmanship, fair-play, refined taste and the spirit of AV Services. “Due to organized education system the gaps in the education system is to be a big in concern of societal ,economic,demographic,resource,skills ,to get ample touch our clubs system provides a Bridging to the Gaps in Education. However there can be no debate about the fact that sport, music, dance and theatre not only free the spirit but also develop character and leadership. At AV the student who aspires to be a professional competitor or performer and who simply enjoys participating both receive appropriate support. It include the workshop + Presentation on the alternative days of the off Assembly days.

Code Hour


My Voice Speak out (Debates )

Social Initiatives (To raise the awareness + put efforts to remove the prejudices.)

Fiction Writing

Robbo club

Filmmaking/Drama (Get ready to add some Drama to life.)

Sports 1)indoor 2) Outdoors Note: Chess should be at high inflame.

Music 1)Vocals 2 ) Instruments

Martial Arts Note: encouraging to girls for self defense

AV Orbit

New York Times

TedEd (School club performs at International Level.)


Fiscal Hour ( AV believes financial literacy is an important life skill for the holistic development of each student.

Glossophilia Club (It includes all Segments of English Language e.g. Listing+Speaking+Reading(skimming)+writing)

Eco Club (to create miniature actions + to make the students of the ECO needs of the society.)

Nutrition Club (A platform to create Awareness about Nutrition)

Cross Fit club ( Includes yoga, zumba )

Culture Heritage Club

21) Anti Defamation club( To increase awareness +love for all religious.