During Exam and on Revision days Departure time will be 11:30 a.m***      House examination of IX to XII schedule to be held 24-07-2017 are post poned on 01-08-2017. All concerned to note.***      Dear parent kindly Note that tomorrow (8-July-17) being the second Saturday will be an off day for student.***      Youth Empowerment and skill work shop HEALD ON 5TH JUNE2017***     



At AV Public School we are proud to offer a curriculum that caters to the individual needs of students. It is innovative, flexible and incorporates the rigor and academic quality that we believe education should strive for. The curriculum aims to develop the 21st century skills of self learning and communication. Students enjoy a well designed educational program that challenges and stimulates them to explore their abilities within a safe learning environment and ensures that every child emerges a Winner.


The Pre Primary Program for Nursery to Class II offers a stimulating, caring and relaxed atmosphere of hands on experiential learning to develop skills that set them on the road to be unique learners. Work and play are inter-woven to help children explore their curiosity and make every moment a learning experience.

Primary School

The Primary Program continues to develop skills essential for learning such as the development of thinking, communication, research and self-management. The teachers foster an atmosphere that is personalized and child centered. The project based learning in the primary school inculcates a spirit of enquiry that sets children on the path of self learning

Middle School

The Middle School Program helps the young adolescent establish his new found independence. The curriculum engages students in critical thinking, problem solving and developing independent opinion that caters to different learning styles. We encourage them to get involved with the community and take action so as to help them grow and become responsible citizens. The school believes in an environment of stress free yet joyful learning through a continuous comprehensive system of evaluation of activities and projects in academic learning.

Secondary & Senior Secondary

The Secondary School & Senior Secondary Program supports students identify their potential as they prepare to enter the world of work and responsibility. The curriculum is designed to appreciate and acknowledge students for their creativity, research skills to ensure that they grow into discerning young adults with values and principles that contribute to community and the environment. The serendipity of learning from Field Trips is incorporated into the curriculum. The curriculum is designed and woven to nurture individualized personal acumen enabling students to write Research based essays and engage in Symposia, Extension Lectures and Presentation of Papers. In the process of learning and self motivation, the students evolve as discerning young adults with values and Principles that contribute to community and the environment.