During Exam and on Revision days Departure time will be 11:30 a.m***      House examination of IX to XII schedule to be held 24-07-2017 are post poned on 01-08-2017. All concerned to note.***      Dear parent kindly Note that tomorrow (8-July-17) being the second Saturday will be an off day for student.***      Youth Empowerment and skill work shop HEALD ON 5TH JUNE2017***     

List of P.T.A Members

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Mr.Raman Watts Chairman
2 Ms.Sangita Rani Principal/Vice Chairman
3 Sh.Narender Sachdeva Vice Chairman
4 Mr.Sudhir Kalra Parent Member
5 Ms.Renuka Joint Secretary (Teacher member)
6 Mr.Varun Doda Parent Member
7 Mr.Pardeep Sethi Parent Member
8 Mr.Rajesh Taneja Parent Member
9 Mr.Gurpreet Kareer Parent Member
10 Ms.Neeru Chandel Parent Member
11 Mr.Manish Gupta Parent Member
12 Ms.Suman Parent Member
13 Mr.Nitin Kataria Parent Member
14 Ms.Jyoti Sharma Parent Member
15 Ms.Jyoti Batra Teacher Member
16 Dr.Nipun Parent Member
17 Mr.Varun Pujara Parent Member
18 Mr.Meghna Periwal Secretary(Parent Member)
19 Mr.Parveen Dhanju Parent Member)